Album Review: Princess Nokia – A Girl Cried Red

By Eli Schoop, Copy Editor [Rough Trade; 2018] Rating: 4/10 Key Tracks: “For the Night”, “Look Up Kid” Ever since Destiny Frasqueri broke onto the New York hip-hop scene as a fresh-faced, confrontational force, her ascent has been meteoric, going from chilling at bodegas to NPR and Vice features. A Girl Cried Red is a…

Feature: Nurturing a Record Label to its Nature

By Marvin Dotiyal, Features Editor Meet Fredo Fosco and Michael Mangan—two music-loving friends starting up a DIY, emo/indie label from the suburbs of Chicago. Mangan, a college freshman studying business, wanted to create a site to post and share musical content, which was inspired by Making New Enemies, a collaborative media blog and record label….