Album Review: Father – Tha Thingz I Do 4 Money

Clocking in at just over 13 minutes, Father’s newest project Tha Thingz I Do 4 Money, sees him returning to old habits. For fans of Father, this means new content you will undoubtedly enjoy; however, if you’ve grown tired of his signature sound, then this probably isn’t the project for you. Tha Thingz I Do 4 Money takes a little while to heat up, and even though it ultimately does, that wasted potential is only made more evident by the EP’s extremely short runtime.

Album Review: Father – I’m A Piece Of Shit

By Eli Schoop, Copy Editor [Awful; 2016] Rating: 4/10 Key Tracks: “Fuck Up The Sheraton,” “Slow Dance 2” Are you the type of Father fan that likes “Look At Wrist?” Would you enjoy an album full of songs like that? If you answered yes, steer clear of I’m A Piece Of Shit. This is the type…