Musician’s time

By Paul Nern, News Editor
[Photo courtesy of Julia Weber]
My dad wouldn’t call himself much of a musician. He is a 62 year old semi-retired English professor who has heavily dabbled in poetry. But he is a musician because he chiefed OU’s tenured professor program that allows you to take a sabbatical to study your field, or whatever. And what he did was write songs and record his music over the course of an academic semester.  

Preview: ACRN Goth Prom with Short Fictions, Enlove, and Kaiba

By Paul Nern, News Editor
Can you feel it?  There’s a foreboding sense of angst and aggression in the air, which can only mean that heavy music is about to grace the ears of all Rock Lobsters this Friday.  Short Fictions, En Love, and Kaiba are about to bring the house down at the Union for ACRN’s 2022 Goth Prom.  It is going to be intense.  It is going to be hardcore.  But most importantly, it is going to be fun.  There is absolutely no excuse to miss what will surely be a rocking night of heavy music bliss on Union Street.  Come hang with all of us!

The DIY Scene’s Impact on Artistry and Alternative Careers

By Kiah Easton, Columns Editor [Photo by Kiah Easton] The DIY music scene in Athens, Ohio, provides a crucial launching pad for various art forms and alternative lifestyles. Although the Athens scene is small, the movement reflects a broader trend toward artistic freedom, sustainability and independence, resulting in far-reaching impact. The local youth subculture is…

ACRN Alumnus Spotlight: Ocean Eiler / DJ The Librarian

By Micah Fluellen, Contributor [Photo via Ocean Eiler / Video by Micah Fluellen] Ocean Eiler, Ohio University and ACRN alumnus, recently visited his hometown of Athens, Ohio, to catch up with his family and present-day ACRN. Eiler attended Ohio University in the late ’90s as a double major in graphic design and interactive design. He…

Kayo Genesis: Breaking Traditions to Creativity

By Joey Perkins, Contributor [Photo via Spotify] Kalik Osborne has always taken an untraditional route in music. From his songwriting process to signing to 2020 Gold, his artistic pursuit has been driven predominantly by his creative outlets and inspirations that exist far beyond his rapping career. Now known under the name Kayo Genesis, the Palmdale,…

Band Profile: glass beach

The four-piece released their debut, the first glass beach album, on their own budget. Fusing everything from ’80s synthpop to emo, glass beach’s mastery in a range of genres is apparent from the beginning of the album, which gives the listener a snapshot of glass beach’s musical capabilities.

ACRN Prom 2020 Q&A: Jeremiah Hayes

By Taylor Linzinmeir, Staff Writer  Photo by Harley Wince, Visual Media Director Q&A with Athens-based R&B artist Jeremiah Hayes at ACRN Prom 2020.  Tell me about where you’re from.  JEREMIAH HAYES: I’m from Columbus and moved here [Athens] about two years ago to study music at Hocking [College] and then eventually transfer over to OU….

ACRN Celebrates: Stevie Wonder

By Max Semenczuk, Contributor [Photo via Spotify] Stevie Wonder still holds a surmountable name in the music industry at age 69. His name evokes feelings of nostalgia, hope and longing. Wonder began his professional career during his early teenage years—only going up from there.  Read more: ACRN Celebrates: Richie Havens Wonder was born May 13,…

ACRN Celebrates: Richie Havens

By Lauren Patterson, Staff Writer [Photo via Spotify] Woodstock 1969—it’s Friday, Aug. 15 in Bethel, New York. Hundreds of thousands eagerly await the start of the festival, as everyone behind the scenes flusters over the fact that the show was already nearing three hours past its scheduled start time. The crowd was eager; they wanted…

ACRN Celebrates: Diana Ross

By Jessica Jones, Copy Editor [Photo via Spotify] Who did the Guinness Book of World Records declare as the most successful female artist in history? Who has their name on not one but two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? Who did Billboard proclaim was the “Entertainer of The Century”?  None other than the…


By Kiah Easton, Columns Editor [Photo via Spotify] JPEGMAFIA took the alternative rap scene by storm in 2018 with his breakout project Veteran. Elements of political activism, abstract production and shitpost-inspired lyrics brought Peggy critical acclaim within weeks of its release.  Read more: ACRN Celebrates: Lizzo Born to Jamaican parents, Barrington DeVaughn Hendricks spent his childhood…