Lobsterfest 2019 Q&A: Burger Big

By Kayla Chanthavong, Contributor Photo by Harley Wince, Visual Media Director Q&A with guitarist Carter Hickman, drummer Cobi Powell and bassist Gabe Dooley of Burger Big. What are your goals with Burger Big? Carter: Well, Cobi and I will be in Columbus next year, and Gabe will be here, so we’re not sure. Cobi: Well,…

Battle of the Bands 2018 Q&A: Uncle Attica

By Kwase Lane, Contributor [Photo by Harley Wince] Q&A with Uncle Attica. What’s the story behind your band name?  Uncle Attica: In ancient Greek history, Attica [was] the region encompassing Athens, especially during its Golden Age. So for us, “Uncle Attica” is a musical collective surrounding Athens, Ohio just as Attica [surrounded] Athens, Greece. What…

ACRN Presents: Sylmar, Water Witches, Slackluster

Flyer by: Harley Wince Who: Sylmar (Cincinnati, OH) “indie-rock, stoner jazz, dream-rock” Water Witches (Athens, OH) “freak-folk, psych-rock” Slackluster (Athens, OH) “smart-rock for dummies” Where: Casa Nueva 6 W State St. Athens, OH When: Oct. 4 9:30 p.m. How much: $5 at the door Ages 18+

Lobsterfest 2018 Q&A: JPEGMAFIA

By Devon Hannan, Editorial Director Photo by Harley Wince, Visual Media Director Experimental rapper and producer, JPEGMAFIA, seems like he came out of nowhere. After a considerable amount of positive reception on his latest full-length album, Veteran, JPEGMAFIA is quickly grabbing everyone’s undivided attention. Peggy’s composition on Veteran is simply out of this world, being…

ACRN Prom with Adult Mom, Chris Farren and Scary Balance at The Union – 2/10/18

Adult Mom, Chris Farren and Scary Balance rocked the night away at ACRN’s first ever Prom! Check out our pics from the dream and delightful dance, and our captures from our auction fundraiser. We hope to see everyone real soon at this year’s Lobsterfest! Photos by Eric Perzanowski, Harley Wince, Joe Medlen and Braeden McClain.