Battle of the Bands 2021 Q&A: Salva Bryn

By Ethan Bloomfield, Staff Writer
[Photo provided by Salva Bryn via Instagram]
The 2021 Battle of the Bands took place in Athens at the Union Thursday night, and it was one to remember. An array of wonderful acts came to compete, not the least of which being Salva Bryn, an experimental electronic artist who put on the most unique and energetic show of the night. I was able to sit down with her and ask a few questions about her music, the show, and her plans for the future.

Q&A: Plastic Lemonade

By Amy Szmik, Copy Editor
[Photo provided by Plastic Lemonade via Facebook]
Q&A with Nathan Cain (vocals, guitar and harmonica), Damon Bonar (electric guitar), Kyle Willison (bass), Kaitlyn Markert (vocals and ukulele) and Joe Ash (drums) of Plastic Lemonade

Learning to Listen: ACRN sits down with George and Gary Schwindt, formerly of Flogging Molly

Learning to Listen: ACRN sits down with George and Gary Schwindt, formerly of Flogging Molly
By Taylor Linzinmeir, Staff Writer
It’s 7 a.m. in George Schwindt’s Los Angeles home at the base of the San Gabriel Mountains. He’s already awake. The former drummer of Celtic-punk band Flogging Molly no longer abides by a touring schedule, seeing a different city and culture every day. Instead, he is beholden to the schedule of his 8 and 6-year-old kids. If they’re awake, he’s awake. If they’re hungry, he’s making breakfast.

ACRN Alumnus Spotlight: Ocean Eiler / DJ The Librarian

By Micah Fluellen, Contributor [Photo via Ocean Eiler / Video by Micah Fluellen] Ocean Eiler, Ohio University and ACRN alumnus, recently visited his hometown of Athens, Ohio, to catch up with his family and present-day ACRN. Eiler attended Ohio University in the late ’90s as a double major in graphic design and interactive design. He…

Band Profile: glass beach

The four-piece released their debut, the first glass beach album, on their own budget. Fusing everything from ’80s synthpop to emo, glass beach’s mastery in a range of genres is apparent from the beginning of the album, which gives the listener a snapshot of glass beach’s musical capabilities.

ACRN Prom 2020 Q&A: Jeremiah Hayes

By Taylor Linzinmeir, Staff Writer  Photo by Harley Wince, Visual Media Director Q&A with Athens-based R&B artist Jeremiah Hayes at ACRN Prom 2020.  Tell me about where you’re from.  JEREMIAH HAYES: I’m from Columbus and moved here [Athens] about two years ago to study music at Hocking [College] and then eventually transfer over to OU….

Feature: Chris Thile and his Eternal Journey of Innovation

By Jonah Krueger, Contributor [Photo courtesy of Devin Peddle] Chris Thile may very well be the most renowned, most popular living mandolin player. His fingerprints can be found on just about anything that gets tagged with the term “bluegrass,” and the tale of 5-year-old Thile first picking up the mandolin is now the stuff of…

Q&A: Hope Davis

By Anna Birk, Contributor [Photo by Noel Davis] Q&A with Hope Davis following a performance at Donkey Coffee in Athens, Ohio.  You grew up in Athens, Ohio—what made you leave? Hope: Well, I was suffering from an eating disorder in high school, and I was extremely depressed. I also have rheumatoid arthritis, so during the…

Q&A: Bat House

By Liz Partsch, Contributor [Photo by Harley Wince, Visual Media Director] Q&A with Shane Blank and Emmet Hayes of Massachusetts-based “neo-punkadelica” outfit Bat House. How did the band form?  SHANE: We met in school. So the four of us are all from different places in the country. I’m from Florida, Emmet here is from California…

Q&A: Inoculous

By Jonah Krueger, Contributor [Photo by Harley Wince, Visual Media Director] Q&A with bassist Jake Evans, drummer Bryan Sheets, and guitarist and creative force Demetri Wolfe of Athens math-rock trio Inoculous. You guys played this same venue last weekend—does that contribute to a sense of comfort or familiarity? DEMETRI: It’s a good time, you know….

Q&A: Something Else

By Evan Gallagher, Contributor Photo by Harley Wince, Visual Media Director Q&A with frontman Aidan Hall of Columbus-based post-pop quartet Something Else. So, how’d you guys meet and form as a band? Aidan: I’ve known Colin [McMillen] (bass) since he was five—his mom used to babysit my sister. I met Landon [Gruszewski] (guitar) when we…