Movie Review: Your Place or Mine

By: Cody Englander [Netflix, 2023] Rating: 1/10 Your Place or Mine is a movie that not only appeals to masochists in the most boring way possible, but ruins the day of anyone else who dares watch the thing. Read more: Movie Review: Puss in Boots: The Last Wish The movie stars Ashton Kutcher (playing a…

Movie Review: Puss in Boots: The Last Wish

By: Cody Englander [Universal Pictures] Rating: 9/10 Puss in Boots: The Last Wish is a sequel to the overlooked Puss In Boots standalone movie from 2011. The sequel follows Puss (Antonio Banderas) on his ninth and final life, desperate to find the titular Last Wish and regain his lives. What’s stopping him? Goldilocks and three…

Movie Review: Avatar: The Way of Water

By Nicholas Kobe, Contributor  [20th Century Fox; 2022] Rating: 6/10 The sequel to the most financially successful movie of all time is no easy hurdle to clear, but that was the challenge staring down director ,James Cameron, as he began work on Avatar: The Way of Water, the sequel to Avatar, released in 2009. Heralded…

Movie Review: Halloween Ends

By Cody Englander, Contributor [Universal Pictures; 2022]Rating: 4/10 The myth of Michael Myers lives on in the ‘final’ entry as this new Halloween trilogy comes to a conclusion. The movie follows mostly new characters, with Laurie and Michael taking a backseat to their own story. The marketing for Halloween Ends strays away from the main plotline…

Movie Review: The Silent Twins

By: Cody Englannder, Contributor  (Focus Features, 2022) Rating: 5/10 Letitia Wright and Tamara Lawrence star in The Silent Twins , a true story of twins who are the only ones who understand one other. The film occurs in three different eras of their lives; childhood, adolescence, and their time in a psychiatric hospital as adults. It’s…

Movie Review: Hellraiser

By: Emma Rickett, Contributor [Spyglass Media Group; 2022] Rating: 6/10 David Bruckner, director of V/H/S and The Ritual, asks in this film, “What if we made Pinhead from Hellraiser a woman… and we made her serve?” The answer is the 2022 reboot of the campy 1987 classic, Hellraiser. Full of tasteful gore and unlikeable characters, Hulu’s…

Movie Review: Pearl

By: Max Baker, Contributor [A24; 2022] Rating: 8/10 Pearl, directed by Ti West, is a prequel to his hit summer horror release X. Pearl was released in theaters this past week and stars Mia Goth as the headlining Pearl, a wannabe dancer who’s stuck tending to the farm that her and her German immigrant parents…

Movie Review: Thor: Love and Thunder

By: Ethan Bloomfield, Reviews Editor[Walt Disney Studios Motion Picture; 2022]Rating: 1/10 Phase four of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe is underway, the latest collection in the over ten year-long experiment into blockbuster comic book cinema. Among these million dollar titles was Thor: Love and Thunder, the fourth Thor movie in the franchise which released last month to…

Movie Review: The Card Counter

By Ben Lindner, Staff Writer
[Focus Features; 2021]
Rating: 5/10
Writer and director Paul Schrader, best known for writing Scorsese classics Taxi Driver and Raging Bull and the 2017 indie hit First Reformed, returns to the big screen with The Card Counter. In The Card Counter, former soldier William Tell (Oscar Isaac) is just getting out of prison. Haunted by his time in a cell, William spends all of his time playing blackjack, swindling the casinos out of money with the card counting skills he learned during his time in solitary. William prefers to be alone, but he ends up getting to know La Linda (Tiffany Haddish), the charming poker manager who wants to get William into bigger gambling rings and Cirk (Tye Sheridan), a young former soldier who brings William’s past back to him. William has to face his past and see if he can adapt back into the world.

Movie Review: Malcolm & Marie

By Ben Lindner, Staff Writer
[Little Lamb Productions; 2021]
Rating: 4/10
The first 10 minutes of Malcolm & Marie are pretty interesting. The two characters have a realistic argument with strong performances from Zendaya and John David Washington. The black and white cinematography is cool. The title card hits and I thought “maybe I’ll like this.” Then it was the same 10 minutes I had just watched over and over again for another hour and a half.

Movie Review: One Night in Miami…

By RJ Martin, Contributor
[Snoot Entertainment; 2020]
Rating: 8/10
One Night in Miami… is the newest film from director Regina King and writer Kemp Powers, finding both of them honing their craft. This is only Powers’ second big-screen feature after co-directing and writing Pixar’s acclaimed Soul from late last year. The film is adapted from his original 2013 stage play, and it recounts the events of a meeting between four titans in black history: Malcom X, Sam Cooke, Jim Brown and Cassius Clay (later to be Muhammad Ali). They met in celebration after Clay’s legendary victory over Sonny Liston in Miami, Florida. 

Movie Review: Zack Snyder’s Justice League

By Ben Lindner, Staff Writer
[Warner Bros.; 2021]
Rating: 8/10
The time has come. Zack Snyder’s behemoth, a 4-hour director’s cut of Justice League has arrived after over 3 years of calls from fans. After the immense hype and speculation, with the film being stitched together under the worst circumstances, Zack Snyder’s Justice League miraculously delivers a satisfying and engaging epic that is sure to be a hit for the fans who waited so long for it.