Single Review: Men I Trust – Ring of Past

By Devon Risner, Contributor
[Independent; 2023]
Rating: 8/10
The neon-colored funky bops and ballads of the 1980s might be a bygone time, but to the Montreal-based band Men I Trust, it hasn’t left just yet. Their new single “Ring of Past”, released in February of 2023, harks the emotion of funk and dare to say even a little disco. Since the band’s conception in 2014, they have always known how they wanted to sound and never failed to achieve it in the slightest. “Ring of Past” is just another piece of supporting evidence.

Single Review: PinkPantheress – Boy’s a liar Pt. 2

By Cody Englander, Contributor
[Warner Music UK; 2023]
Rating: 8/10
In a surprising turn of events, one of the top songs of the month is a sequel to a PinkPantheress track, this time featuring Bronx rapper Ice Spice. “Boy’s a liar Pt. 2” is a fun single that has more replay value than the original, even if the only major change is the inclusion of Ice Spice as a feature. 

Single Review: Samia – Kill Her Freak Out

By Helena Karlstrom, Staff Writer
[Grand Jury Music; 2022]
Rating: 7/10
Samia Finnerty is an up-and-coming alternative singer/songwriter who specializes in expressing feelings like yearning, pain, and loneliness. After releasing a few singles in 2017, Samia debuted her first album, The Baby, in 2020. She recorded an EP, titled Scout, as well as covers of songs by When in Rome and The Magnetic Fields the following year.

Single Review: Paramore – This Is Why

By: Grace Koennecke, Columns Editor  Atlantic Recording Company; 2022 Rating: 7/10 It’s been a while since Paramore has released new music – not surprising for a band that is infamous for taking intentional hiatuses in order to experiment and further strengthen their sound. Five years since the debut of their fifth studio album, “After Laughter“,…

Single Review: Bladee – DRAIN STORY

By Liam Syrvalin, Contributor
[year0001; 2022]
Rating: 5/10
Let’s address the elephant in the room right now: if you are a Bladee fan, you probably think I am insane for giving this single a 5. Sure, there’s absolutely no attempt to stay onbeat. Sure, the lyrics are beyond dumb and don’t really make any sense. Sure, the cover art looks like 30 different, very loud images slapped on top of each other in Photoshop. This single is also, though, a love letter to the goofy, carefree style and niche of media Drain Gang falls into, and it is a reminder of why “drainers” obsess over the collective.

Single Review: Lana Del Ray — Watercolor Eyes (From “Euphoria” An HBO Original Series)

By Grace Koennecke, Columns Editor
Interscope Records; 2022
Rating: 7/10ritten for the second season of HBO’s Euphoria, Lana Del Rey encapsulates the struggles of young love and the inevitable heartbreak that all high school couples face at some point in their relationship. If you’re a fan of the show, this song appears in the second episode where the main characters, Rue and Jules, come face to face for the first time since the first season’s shocking and gut-wrenching final episode. It’s the perfect accompaniment for the moment that the two reunite in front of a bonfire at a dingy high school party, both reminiscing about the good and bad of their budding friendship turned romance.