Album Review: Eels — Extreme Witchcraft

By Jonah Cashel, Contributor
Rating: 7/10
Key tracks: “Grandfather Clock Strikes Twelve”, “Strawberries & Popcorn”, “So Anyway”
tive-Rock band Eels released their newest album, Extreme Witchcraft late last month. The group has been producing funk-infused rock hits since the mid ’90s, and continues to this day with a steady flow of tours and releases. This record makes it clear that even almost 30 years after the band’s conception, there is no sign of slowing down. Band leader, Mark Oliver Everett (aka E), continues to mutate his sound and find new ways to tickle his audiences’ ears.

Album Review: boy pablo – Wachito Rico

By Maddie James, Contributor
[777 Music; 2020]
Rating: 7/10
Key tracks: “honey”, “te vas // don’t go”, “mustache”
Wachito Rico sounds like either incredibly well-produced brain candy or sexy elevator music. The newest release from boy pablo, Wachito Rico is the debut album of the indie-pop project headed by Chilean-Norwegian artist Nicolas Muñoz.

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Movie Review: The Beatles: Eight Days a Week

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