The View From the Afternoon: Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Fever to Tell

By Roman Salomone, Contributor [Interscope Records; 2003] Genres: Indie Rock, Dance-Punk, Garage Rock, Art Punk Hey Rock Lobsters, I’m Roman and this is my first column, The View From the Afternoon. In this column, I’ll be taking a look back into some of rock’s most essential, overlooked, or just flat-out fun albums of the 2000s. …

Album Review: Reeling — The Mysterines

By Jonah Cashel, Contributor
[Fiction Records; 2022]
Rating: 8/10
Key tracks:   “Life’s a Bitch (But I Like it so Much)”, “Hung Up”, “Under Your Skin”, “All These Things”
Liverpool rock group The Mysterines released their debut Album, Reeling this March. The record exploded immediately, reaching top 10 on the UK charts before the end of the month and garnering millions of listeners in weeks. The album captures exactly what rock music today should sound like, perfectly blending a slew of great influences while equally focusing on the unique meta-frustrations of today.