Album Review: Tricot – 10

By: Kwase Lane, Features Editor
[cutting edge/8902 Records; 2020]
Rating: 9/10
10, Tricot’s second album of the year, demonstrates an almost unbelievable amount of technical and conceptual refinement compared to their previous projects. Like always, the quartet weaves together complex polyrhythms, gentle melodies and impassioned cries, but 10 is marked by the sense of ease that each piece generates. The album flows from aggressive guitar riffs to mild, barely whispered vocals, all the while being imbued with an intricate serenity that feels unknowable and familiar at the same time.

Math Rock Monthly: Tricot

By Kwase Lane, Staff Writer Math rock isn’t my specialty by any means and my brief foray into the genre somehow made me thankful that I only speak one language. Tricot, Japan’s premier math/ indie/ prog rock quartet is unlike anything I’ve ever heard. I’d wager that it’s best described as a shot of uneasy,…