20,000 Albums for Eidelyn Gonzales: The Air Force

By Venus Rittenberg, Editorial Director
[5 Rue Christine; 2006]
Key tracks: “Boy Soprano”, “Bishop, CA”, “The Fox and the Rabbit”
The Air Force is the fifth Xiu Xiu album. It concludes a practically perfect five-album run, and is the perfect conclusion to the sheer brutality of the first four. The Air Force was the second Xiu Xiu album to click for me, and thus it holds a special place in my heart. 

20,000 Albums for Eidelyn Gonzales: Knife Play & A Promise

By Venus Rittenberg, Editorial Director
[5RC (Kill Rock Stars); Knife Play – 2002, A Promise – 2003]
Key tracks (Knife Play): Don Diasco, Suha,
Key tracks (A Promise): Apistat Commander, Fast Car, Ian Curtis Wishlist
TW: Self harm, suicide

Album Review: Xiu Xiu – OH NO

By Venus Rittenberg, Contributor
[Polyvinyl; 2021]
Rating: 8/10
Key tracks: “One Hundred Years”, “A Bottle of Rum”, “OH NO”
Xiu Xiu’s 15th album is an album of duets that sees them returning to the sounds that frequent their discography prior to 2019’s experimental Girl with Basket of Fruit. A perfect example of this return to the olden days of Xiu Xiu is the title track, which sounds like something from Xiu Xiu’s fifth album, The Air Force, but with a poppier hook.

Finding Comfort in a Hopeless Place, a Guide To Xiu Xiu

By Venus Rittenburg, Contributor
Editorial content warning: sexual abuse, self-harm, suicide, depression
Xiu Xiu (pronounced shoo-shoo) is my favorite band. I’m drawn to them for many reasons, but some of those are the same reasons that people find Xiu Xiu polarizing and challenging to listen to. In the wake of their recently announced 15th album, OH NO, I’m here to provide a guide to Xiu Xiu, what I find appealing about them and how to get into them, because with a discography this diverse and wondrous, there’s something for everybody.

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Album Review: Xiu Xiu – FORGET

By Tanner Bidish, Staff Writer [Polyvinyl; 2017] Rating: 8/10 Key Tracks: “Wondering”, “Petite”, “Faith, Torn Apart” The experimental rock discography of Xiu Xiu has accumulated into quite a catalog. From goth-pop works like Dear God I Hate Myself and Always, to cover albums like Nina and last year’s Plays the Music of Twin Peaks, the group…

What We’re Playing – Week of 2/20/17

Hey all you Rock Lobsters!!! Another week, another bunch of great albums that have just been added to ACRN’s rotation! Xiu Xiu – FORGET Back with their follow-up to last year’s incredible Plays the Music of Twin Peaks, experimental legends Xiu Xiu give us a brand new record filled with their strange, dreamy sound that…

Album Review: Xiu Xiu – Plays The Music Of Twin Peaks

By Devon Hannan, Features Editor [Polyvinyl; 2016] Rating: 8/10 Key Tracks: “Laura Palmer’s Theme,” “Sycamore Trees,” “Falling” It’s safe to say that David Lynch’s Twin Peaks is a television series that has it all: a jarring storyline, admirable characters with impeccable fashion, and a captivating soundtrack. In fact, the critically acclaimed original soundtrack by Angelo Badalamenti could very well…

Track Review: Xiu Xiu – Falling

By Jonathan Fuchs, Copy Editor [Polyvinyl; 2016] Rating: 8/10 Art-pop band Xiu Xiu is not new to putting their strange sounds into others’ work. In late 2013, it released Nina, an experimental album that saw them tackle jazz to cover some of Nina Simone’s discography. On Record Store Day 2016, the band will release Plays the Music…