Battle of the Bands 2022 Q&A: The Laughing Chimes

[Photo courtesy of The Laughing Chimes] By Cody Englander, Contributor The Laughing Chimes are an indie-pop group from southeast Ohio who recently participated in ACRN’s Battle of the Bands at The Union. Within the band, Evan Seurkamp plays the guitar, Quinn Seurkamp plays the drums and Avery Bookman plays the bass. I met with Seurkamp…

Battle of the Bands 2022 Q&A: Top’d Off

[Photo courtesy of Joseph Timmerman] By Sophia Hoffman, Promotions Director Top’d Off, a self-described blues and funk trio from Athens, Ohio, were among the several competitors who played in the 2022 ACRN Battle of the Bands. The band consists of Jake Rickman on guitar, Collin Spens on bass and Ethan Hamilton on drums. I sat…

Battle of the Bands 2022 Q&A: Meat and Cheese Collective

[Photo courtesy of Kyle Schwieger] By Roman Salomone, Contributor The 2022 Battle of the Bands took place at The Union on Thursday, Oct. 6. Among the five incredible acts that played, Meat and Cheese Collective put on an amazing and high energy show. Prior to their set, I sat down with the members to discuss…

Q&A: Coastal Club

[Photo credit to Julia Weber] By Sophia Hoffman, Promotions Director Coastal Club is an indie surf rock band based out of Cincinnati, Ohio. Formed in 2017, the group consists of Alex Mobley, Avery Benter, Alex Hirlinger and David McGuire. The self proclaimed “Queen City Quartet” headlined for the 2022 Lobsterfest season. Amidst sound checks, decorating,…

Battle of the Bands 2021 Q&A: Salva Bryn

By Ethan Bloomfield, Staff Writer
[Photo provided by Salva Bryn via Instagram]
The 2021 Battle of the Bands took place in Athens at the Union Thursday night, and it was one to remember. An array of wonderful acts came to compete, not the least of which being Salva Bryn, an experimental electronic artist who put on the most unique and energetic show of the night. I was able to sit down with her and ask a few questions about her music, the show, and her plans for the future.

Battle of the Bands 2021 Q&A: RJ Martin

By Kwase Lane [Photo Courtesy of Bandcamp] Q&A with  RJ Martin How did you feel about your set?  RJ: Easily the best one I’ve played in a while. Not just my playing, I was proud of that, but the crowd, the interactions, all of it. I’ve played a couple of shows at The Union since…

Battle of the Bands 2021 Q&A: In Flow

By Paul Nern, News Editor [Photo Courtesy of Instagram] Q&A with Grant, Carson and Preston of In Flow  In Flow graced the crowd at The Union last Thursday night for ACRN’s Battle of the Bands, so much so that they walked away as the crowd-voted winners of the night.  They combine explosive elements of punk…

Q&A: Plastic Lemonade

By Amy Szmik, Copy Editor
[Photo provided by Plastic Lemonade via Facebook]
Q&A with Nathan Cain (vocals, guitar and harmonica), Damon Bonar (electric guitar), Kyle Willison (bass), Kaitlyn Markert (vocals and ukulele) and Joe Ash (drums) of Plastic Lemonade

Q&A: Beach Girl (Marcy Adams formerly of Athens)

Former Athens-based EDM producer Beach Girl, AKA Marcy Adams, is set to drop three singles in June, starting with their reimagining of Alice Deejay’s “Better off Alone” on June 2. “Let U Down” drops June 17, followed by “i can’t stop myself” on June 30. The singles follow two tracks Adams released in March, “I Do It Like That… You Love It?” and “SADNALONE” in addition to their recent move from Athens to Atlanta. ACRN spoke with Adams to inquire about the move, the new songs, the new place and how Krewella’s “Alive” fits into all of that:

Learning to Listen: ACRN sits down with George and Gary Schwindt, formerly of Flogging Molly

Learning to Listen: ACRN sits down with George and Gary Schwindt, formerly of Flogging Molly
By Taylor Linzinmeir, Staff Writer
It’s 7 a.m. in George Schwindt’s Los Angeles home at the base of the San Gabriel Mountains. He’s already awake. The former drummer of Celtic-punk band Flogging Molly no longer abides by a touring schedule, seeing a different city and culture every day. Instead, he is beholden to the schedule of his 8 and 6-year-old kids. If they’re awake, he’s awake. If they’re hungry, he’s making breakfast.