2020–2021 ACRN Executives

Nate Finley

General Manager

Nate Finley is ACRN’s general manager. As GM, Nate guides the overall direction of ACRN while creating a positive relationship with the surrounding community and fostering a healthy environment within the organization. Nate wants to continue giving back to the thriving music community in Athens, Ohio by encouraging collaboration between ACRN, local organizations, and Athens musicians.

Email Nate: gm4acrn@gmail.com

Gilly Faut

Promotions Director

Gilly, aka Gilly Bo Billy, is the promotions director for ACRN. She is responsible for booking concerts such as our annual Lobsterfest. Born in Chicagoland, she somehow ended up in Ohio. Don’t ask her about it. Get her attention by sending her frog pictures. 

Email Gilly: promo4acrn@gmail.com

Kiah Easton

Editorial Director

Kiah Easton is the editorial director for ACRN Media. Kiah manages ACRN’s kick-ass editorial staff and is the person in charge of the website you’re currently reading. Kiah loves everything about music; listening to it, watching it, talking about it and making it. Don’t be afraid to reach out and let him know what you’ve been listening to, he’d love it ;).

Email Kiah: editorial4acrn@gmail.com

Brendan Eveslage

Programming Director

Brendan Eveslage is an Ohio University senior studying music and audio. Also known as DJ AlchemEve, he runs the on-air schedule and programming, and oversees all of ACRN’s radio DJs. Brendan also produces and DJs EDM under the same name. He’s played saxophone since elementary, and he can kind of play multiple other instruments. Brendan has a passion for all things music and sound, and he loves sharing it through ACRN.

Email Brendan: programming4acrn@gmail.com

RJ Martin

Music Director

RJ Martin is ACRN’s music director and the second coolest DJ at the station. The music department works hand-in-hand with programming, and as director, RJ is responsible for updating the new music rotation. Together with his band of hooligans in the programming and music departments, new music is prospected, discovered and deliberated upon in a way that can only be described as democracy at its finest.

Email RJ: music4acrn@gmail.com

Harley Wince

Visual Media Director

Harley Wince is the director of visual media for ACRN and terrible at math. She and the stellar visual media team are responsible for almost everything visual you see on ACRN’s website. See this bio? It was written by Harley, who will now stop referring to herself in the third person. Hi, I’m Harley Wince. I hope you enjoy our content.

Email Harley: visualmedia4acrn@gmail.com

Catie Bugos

Public Relations Director

As PR director, Catie streamlines ACRN’s marketing strategies and fundraising. She oversees all social media accounts and seeks out promotional opportunities for the station. She’s majoring in recording industry studies, minoring in marketing, and she is working toward a certificate in social media. When she’s not blabbering away about ACRN and WIMI, you can find Catie spending too much money at concerts, preaching about her love for Andy Samberg and debating whether she should buy another lizard. 

Email Catie: pr4acrn@gmail.com

Reese Clutter

Production Director

Reese Clutter is known as the tall one in the group. As production director, Reese is responsible for managing all things audio at ACRN. Whether it be simple DJ intros or complex, high-quality in-studio performances of touring bands, you can bet it will sound sensational. 

Email Reese: production4acrn@gmail.com

Kwase Lane


Kwase Lane is ACRN’s treasurer and renowned radio-station squatter. As treasurer, it is Kwase’s responsibility to assist in allocating funds toward events and equipment. When he’s not sleeping on the studio’s couch, you can find him teaching himself guitar or reviewing one of the latest albums. Kwase can be reached through email, but he’ll probably also appear if you start talking about Childish Gambino.

Email Kwase: kl187316@ohio.edu