What We’re Playing – Week of 9/18/17

New week, new us!! Here’s everything new this week to ACRN’s rotation, available now on out stream!

  1. Death From Above – Outrage! Is Now
    [Last Gang; 2017]
    The third record from Death From Above (formerly Death From Above 1979) is a loud, grimy punk banger. It takes what made their debut record, You’re a Woman, I’m a Machine, so great, but improves on the production and the duo’s variety of instrumentation.
  2. Cut Copy – Haiku From Zero
    [Astralwerks; 2017]
    Australian group Cut Copy’s fifth record continues and improves on the synth-pop soundscape the band kept exploring on their 2013 record, Free Your Mind.

  3. Ducktails – Jersey Devil
    [New Images; 2017]
    Not out for another two weeks, Jersey Devil, the first Ducktails record from Matt Mondanile since he left Real Estate, is a dreamier, funkier version of their last record, St. Catherine, which perfectly lets you know what’s in store for the rest of Mondanile’s career.
  4. Lomelda – Thx
    [Double Double Whammy; 2017]
    This sophomore album from Texas-based songwriter Hannah Read is one of the most well-written records of this year. Thx is a timeless folk record that does a great job at relating to the listener while staying incredibly personal and detailed.
  5. Prawn – Run
    [Topshelf; 2017]
    New Jersey’s Prawn is back and sounding as good as ever with Run, a take on classic emo music that’s perfectly raw, punchy and personal; just what it’s supposed to be.
  6. Camp Cope – Camp Cope
    [Run For Cover; 2016/2017]
    The 2016 self-titled record from Australian indie rock group Camp Cope helped them blow up all over the continent, from opening for Against Me! to being nominated for Australian Album of the Year at the J Awards. This new reissue from Run For Cover Records helps American audiences get introduced to the band’s clever songwriting and killer riffs.
  7. Widowspeak – Expect the Best
    [Captured Tracks; 2017]
    This dreamy new record from indie group Widowspeak was written while singer Molly Hamilton was living in Tacoma, Washington. The personal perspective and nostalgia that bounces off her songwriting translates well to the listener’s own perspectives, making the record beautifully relatable.
  8. Looming – Seed
    [No Sleep; 2017]
    Looming’s second album, Seed, sees the Illinois-based band continue the sad, well-written pop-rock sound they accomplished and mastered on their debut record, Nailbiter.

  9. BEACHTAPE – Hold Music
    [PNKSLM Recordings; 2017]
    This debut EP from Brighton-based indie group BEACHTAPE is the perfect collection of beach tunes for the beginning of the fall, as it perfectly balances sleepy instrumentals with loud, in-you-face distortion.

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