Preview: ACRN Back2School

[Flyer courtesy of Hudson Forman]

By Julia Weber, Features Editor

As we delve into the beginning of another school year, current and future rock lobsters alike will soon be flocking to The Union for a fantastic night of live performances from local bands and musicians.

ACRN’s first event of the coming academic year is certainly going to be one for the books. Join us on Friday, Aug. 26. to celebrate getting through the first week of classes; it’ll be a great way to decompress and have fun with fellow live music enthusiasts. No matter whether you’re well-versed in ACRN’s antics or you’re new to Ohio University and hope to explore the myriad local music that Athens has to offer, you’ll want to be at our first of many shows this school year.

Starting the night off, Rylee Bapst will be playing an undoubtedly awesome set. Rylee has released two singles so far this year, which you can listen to here. If you attended Donkey Coffee’s weekly open mic nights last year, chances are you know Rylee always puts on a great show.

Next, two bands from ACRN’s annual music festival, Lobsterfest, will be joining us for our night at The Union: Plastic Lemonade and Six Flags Guy. Plastic Lemonade put out two singles and an EP this year alone, and Six Flags Guy released a recording of their Lobsterfest performance. If you didn’t see them at Lobsterfest 2022, now is the time. If you did get to see them in the spring, you probably already know not to pass up a chance to see them play again.

Following the two Lobsterfest alumni, local band Inch will also be playing a set. After the release of their EP and their recent show at Smiling Skull Saloon, Inch is quickly gaining traction in the local music world. If this Friday’s set is anything like the footage from the Skull, it will undoubtedly be a set to remember.

Finally, Athens’ very own Rent Free will be closing out the night. The band signed to OU’s student-run record label, Brick City Records, last year and released not only a single, but also an EP in 2022. Rent Free, among others, has taken the OU music scene by storm recently; they’re a must-see for live music enthusiasts in Athens.

Whether you’re looking for an introduction to the local music scene in Athens, or you’re a seasoned attendee of ACRN shows, you’ll want to be at our Back2School show on Friday. The show costs $8 for rock lobsters who are 21+ and $10 for those who are underage. Doors open at 8 p.m. and music starts at 8:30. We know how busy the back-to-school season is, but we can also assure you that you won’t want to miss this memorable and well-deserved night of local live music.

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