White Lung release two new singles, announce upcoming album

By Julia Weber, Features Editor

[Photo courtesy of Lyndsey Byrnes]

White Lung recently released two new singles from their newly-announced upcoming fifth and final album titled Premonition.

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The group began working on their fifth album in 2017. While working on the album, frontwoman of the band Mish Barber-Way found out that she was pregnant with her first child. Soon after, the COVID-19 pandemic followed, as did another child. Five years later, Premonition will be released this winter.

Comprised of guitarist Kenneth William, drummer Anne-Marie Vassiliou and vocalist Mish Barber-Way, White Lung is described as, “blending live-fast-die-young rock ‘n’ roll and no-fu**s punk into a combustible mixture that propelled them around the world and into the hearts of music fans, with the exhilarating sense that the whole thing could catch fire at any time,” according to a press release issued by the band.

According to their press release, Premonition is “a whirlwind of driving drums, intricate guitar work, and no-holds-barred lyrics about motherhood, pregnancy, and growth.” Consisting of ten total tracks, the album is described as being about birth and rebirth.

In 2010, White Lung released its debut self-titled album followed by sophomore album sorry two years later. In 2014, the band released its third album Deep Fantasy followed by its most recent album Paradise in 2016.

White Lung’s two singles, “Date Night” and “Tomorrow” both indicate a packed, energetic and intense album to come. The group’s final album will be released on Dec. 2 via Domino Recording Company.

Watch the music videos for “Date Night” and “Tomorrow” below.

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