Lila Drew releases live concert video for new single “Bad Juice”

By Liam Syrvalin, Contributor
[Photo courtesy of Vincent Haycock]

Up-and-coming indie pop artist Lila Drew recently released a new live performance music video for her latest single, “Bad Juice”. 

The video teases a new feature-length performance documentary, which will feature scenes of Drew’s live performances interwoven with storytelling between Drew and her friends, Grandstand reports.

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The 21-year-old artist’s new video features a mix of behind the scenes footage, conversation backstage, and performance scenes. Her original music video for the song was directed by Vincent Haycock, who has also spearheaded projects with Billie Eilish, Florence & the Machine, and JPEGMAFIA.

Lila Drew is a seasoned musician, who has written her own pieces when she was ten. A student of Yale University, she now makes music surrounding a coming of age theme, focusing on the anxiety-inducing moments and uneasy feelings that characterize adolescence.

In a press release, Drew describes herself as a “pop cynic who makes pop music,” which translates into the liminal sounds and spacious voids that make her take on dream-pop unique. The central themes surrounding the conversational element of the upcoming documentary are the next insights into Lila Drew’s world that her fans have been waiting for.

Commenting on the inspiration for “Bad Juice” in an article with Alfitude, Drew said, “‘Bad Juice’ is really about trying to figure yourself out in a rapidly moving universe and trying to have some fun while doing so. This was one of the last songs I wrote for my upcoming album. A lot of the songs I wrote up until then were pretty introspective and serious, and I wanted to try something different. … It’s become such a special song for me because it really was the first time I let go of all the seriousness and focused on just enjoying making music — it’s easy to lose sight of that.” 

Lila Drew’s feature-length documentary comes out later this year. Check out the performance video here, and the original music video here.

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