caroline releases cover of Claire Rousay’s song, “peak chroma”

By Rocco Prioletti, Contributor

[Photo courtesy of Rough Trade]

Eight-piece post-rock outfit caroline recently released a cover of Claire Rousay’s musique concrète piece “peak chroma”. This track comes with their announcement of the supporting acts for their upcoming North American tour

“peak chroma” follows as caroline’s most recent effort after their critically acclaimed self-titled debut, which was released earlier this year. After only playing a handful of venues around the United Kingdom, the octet was to be signed to Rough Trade. After their first venture across the pond, Rousay will be opening for the group’s concluding performance on October 5 in New York City

It’s no surprise the two acts would eventually cross paths. In a promotional Instagram post, the group weighed in on the significance of her work, saying, “Claire Rousay’s work has been a source of inspiration for us over the past two years. Recording this version of ‘Peak chroma’ has been a way to explore our shared obsession with the incidental and improvisatory.” 

Rousay’s previous record, a softer focus is home to the scattered ambience of “peak chroma”. caroline approaches this piece with an improvised collage of droning horns and a rattling clutter of scrap metal and guitars. Her influence can be heard throughout caroline’s mixtape, NC NJ NLFT, a collage stitched together from loose voice memos, forgotten song ideas, practice room demos, and various other field recordings. 

The band gives further insight around the song’s recording process in a promotional Instagram post, saying, “The second half was recorded over a very hot three days in August when we stayed in Casper’s grandad’s house in Sussex. He had died recently and the house was almost completely empty. The home is perched right on the edge of the sea and we swam every morning”.Listen to caroline’s rendition of, “peak chroma” and Claire Rousay’s original.

Dates and tickets for their North American tour are available here.

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