Car Seat Headrest cancel West Coast tour, When We Were Young appearance

By Julia Weber, Features Editor

[Photo courtesy of Matador Records]

Car Seat Headrest released a statement this morning announcing the cancellation of their upcoming California tour. The band also announced that they will not be performing at the When We Were Young Festival.

The band’s frontman, Will Toledo, cited health issues as the reason for the cancellation in a statement on social media. The statement says: “After another month of struggling to regain my health, I am currently forced to face the fact that my body lacks the basic levels of functionality necessary to leave the house most days, let alone embark on a tour. As a result, we are unfortunately forced to pull out of the When We Were Young Festival dates, and cancel our upcoming California tour. Refunds for our headlining dates will be available at your point of purchase. Stay safe, everyone.”

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Car Seat Headrest were originally set to perform at the When We Were Young Festival in Las Vegas alongside other artists including My Chemical Romance, Paramore, Alex G and Bright Eyes.

Car Seat Headrest have canceled a number of shows recently due to Toledo’s health. The band released a statement on Instagram in September announcing the cancellation of their performance at Frantic City Fest as well as a statement in May canceling already-postponed shows from their spring tour.

The indie rock group originated as Toledo’s independent project where he released a number of projects via Bandcamp before Car Seat Headrest later signed to Matador Records. Car Seat Headrest’s extensive discography includes albums such as Twin Fantasy (Mirror to Mirror), Teens of Style, Teens of Denial, Twin Fantasy, Commit Yourself Completely and Making a Door Less Open.

Listen to Car Seat Headrest here.

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