Daniel S. Evans and Jasper Llewellyn release new improvisational album

By Rocco Prioletti, Contributor 

[Photo courtesy of Bandcamp]

Shovel Dance Collective’s Daniel S. Evans and caroline’s Jasper Llewellyn released a new album entitled, Meanders.

The duo described the record as, “Exploring improvisation as an all-encompassing approach to performance, sound, action and friendship. Through an extensive archive of documented audio, video, images, objects, writing and transcribed/re-performed conversation they explore a richly woven inner-world of what it is to ‘meander.’”

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Evans recalled the recording process in an Instagram post, recounting moments of, “Chatting to Jasper about improvisation, wandering the Blackwall approach in Greenwich on a bitterly cold lockdown winters morning, the ever moving conversation about what it means to perform folk music.”

Improvisation is an integral component to the two’s artistic expression. Especially for Llewellyn, focusing his PhD studies on how performance-art methodology can assist in understanding the role of improvisation in everyday life.

“Meanders” is the latest full-length release after caroline’s self-titled debut earlier this year and Shovel Dance Collective’s EP “Betwixt & Between 7.” Along with the release of the duo’s collaboration, Evans would also announce his Collective’s debut record, “The Water is the Shovel of the Shore,” set to release on December 1.

Listen here.

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